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Academic Activities
International Cooperation and Exchanges
Domestic Cooperation and Exchanges
International Cooperation and Exchanges

With an open attitude, lab carries out extensive academic exchanges, actively sponsors and undertakes academic conferences both within and outside the international academic areas of study. In light of the fact, the organizational ability and the academic level of the leaders is fully demonstrated, to concentrate the academic centripetal force gradually, and further enhance the lab's academic status at home and abroad.

The in-depth scientific research cooperation hasn’t been understated. on one hand, In and Abroad Exchanges. Lab invites outstanding scholars at home and abroad to give lectures and research conferences. At the same time, we encourage going-out so as to the research work can constantly learn from nutrients, continuous and active academic academic thinking, and constantly enhance the vitality; On the other, Cooperation between Enterprises. We attaches contral importance on the multinational firm cooperation between researchers, encourage foreign research institutions and enterprises substantive cooperation, in order to play the important role of  team cohesion on scientific research.


International Academic Exchange and Cooperation


1.       International Conferences

In recent five years, there are 19 international academic conferences have sponsored  the laboratory.  

    1) 2011 1st International Conference on Electric Power Equipment – Switching Technology
    2) Lecture Series of the International Council on Large Electric Systems
    3) Workshop 2011 on Functional Oxides
    4) 15th Asian Conference on Electrical Discharge
    5) International Session on Electro-Mechanical Devices
    6) CIGRE A3.27 Work Group Meeting 2010
    7) The 14th International Symposium on Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics
    8) The 12th International Meeting on Ferroelectricity and 18th IEEE International Symposium on the Applications of Ferroelectrics 2009
    9)2008 Regional Inter-University Graduate Conference on Electrical Engineering (RIUGCEE)
    10) International Symposium on Research and Development of Engineering Dielectric Materials 2007
    11) Extra/Ultra High Voltage Power Transmission and Transformation Technology 2007
    12) 16th International Conference on Gas Discharges and their Applications
    13) The 1st Sino-German Workshop on New Generation Polar Oxides and Devices
    14) The 4th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference (IPEMC2004)


2.  The Invited Report in International Conferences

During the Past five years, there are 26 researchers invited to give an invited report at the important international academic conferences on the recent research of lab. For example, Prof. JIA Shenli gave a invited report—“Experimental investigation and simulation of vacuum arc under axial magnetic field:A review” at The 22nd Vacuum Discharge and Insulation International Conference; Professor Wang hong gave a invited report—“Monitoring and diagnostic strategy for insulation condition of oil-immersed power transformer” at the 17th European Ceramic Applications Conference; Professor Zhang Guanjun gave a invited report—“Monitoring and diagnostic strategy for insulation condition of oil-immersed power transformer” at maintenance and diagnosis of electrical equipment International Conference; Professor Li Shengtao gave a invited report—“Recent research progress of solid engineering dielectrics in China” at the 2007 Solid Dielectrics for Keynote International Conference, etc. With all of these have made an important effect internationally, it is reasonable that lab as a whole has earned the international academic community's attention in the relevant subject areas.


3.   lectures and exchanges given by well-known Scholars

In recent years, a number of well-known experts’visitations and lectures is raising, including IEEE Fellow, IEE Fellow, academicians, winners of the National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars and a plenty of well-known experts. We has held 207 academic reports, and more than 3,000 visitors attended the reports.


4.  participation in international academic activities and abroad lectures

Our lab has been attaching equal importance on taking "bringing-in" and "going-out" method, and actively participating in the various international academic exchange activities within the field. In the past ten years, 174 of the fixed researchers have been abroad to attend international academic conferences, including: insulation, electrical apparatus, power electronics and other fields. Through these high-level international conferences, on one hand, we grasp the overall situation of the international power equipment research, be aware of the new knowledge and make a group of friends; on the other hand, through reporting and communication, a brilliant understanding is given to the foreign scholars on The latest research progress of our lab, so as to enhance awareness of the our lab in the international academic community.

Nowadays, in addition to participation in international conferences, the fixed personnel as well as 39 researchers have gone out to take visitations, exchanges and lectures in the relevant Labs and Research Institutions of some internationally renowned universities.


5.  International Cooperation with Foreign Universities and Research Institutions

    The laboratory has established close cooperative partnerships with universities and institutes in more than 10 countries including the US, Japan, Britain, France, Canada, Switzerland, Korea etc. We have undertaken more than 30 projects from British government, French government, ABB, AREVA and Toshiba, Meidensha companies etc.

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