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Major Equipment and Installation
Major Equipment and Installation

Located in the 5600 m2 building, ,the research equipments value about more than 30million yuan, the Laboratory is excellently equipped with many of instruments for investigation of dielectric properties , discharge characteristics, physico-chemical analysis, the structure and technological parameters of insulation materials, computer simulation and massive processing as well as signal test and analysis. They are applied in the field of electrical insulation and power equipment on physical, chemical , process and micro-properties. The Laboratory has the systemic and perfect research means , especially, the facilities keep advanced level among the international university’s laboratory.


Major Equipment and Installation

----- Dielectric Properties Test System

Broadband Dielectric Spectrum Test System

Electric Bridge

------Physico-chemical Analysis, Material Preparation and Machining System

Thermal Analysis System

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

Gas Chromatography

Polarizing Microscope

RC -90 Rheometer

Vacuum Impregnation System

------Partial Discharge and Space Charge Measurement System

Power Frequency Transformer Without Partial Discharge

DC/0.1Hz Power Supply

Ultra-wideband and Ultrasonic Partial Discharge Detection System

Thermally Stimulated Current Instrument

1ns Exposure of High-speed Photographic Instrument

------High -low Voltage Test System

High-voltage Synthesis Circuit

Low-voltage Breaking Test Station

------- Special Environment Simulation Test System

Sandstorm Simulation System


------Computer Simulation System

       Computer Workstation




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