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During past five years, the laboratory has enthusiastically undertaken a number of major state projects, key technology research programs. In recent years, the laboratory has witnessed a rapid and constant increase in funds for scientific research, real funds amounting to 250million RMB.



The past five yearsThe laboratory commitment to meticulous planning organizated and applied for national major of focusing on science and technology research projects. For the various contract R & D funding amount 450 million yuan, cumulative receipt of 250 million yuan, Including, 


The number of subjects increase significant for undertaken the national major key projects over the past five years, the total of 317 items of national –level research projects were undertakened. There are 263 million yuan for the contracts funding, cumulative receipt of 145 million yuan, Including:


With the support of high-level scientific research project,  level of scientific research laboratory is improved overall. in the past five years, it achieved the national science and technology progress prize of 4, scientific and technological achievements prize of 9,  181 invention patent license, it creates profit and tax of more than 10 billion RMB by the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.


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