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Research Fields

Field I: Structures, properties, characterizations and applications of dielectric materials

    1) Research and development of dielectric materials (including nano-composite biodielectrics)
    2) Failure mechanisms of dielectric materials
    3) Improvement on dielectric properties of composite insulation structure
    4) Discharge characteristics and mechanisms of dielectric materials
    5) Insulation technology under extreme conditions
    6) Functional dielectric materials

Field II: Electrical equipment and its intelligentization

    1) Theory of gas discharges
    2) Arc-control techniques and applications in different media
    3) Novel high-power switching equipment
    4) Intelligent theory and technology for electric power equipment
    5) Control technology and apparatus for power systems

Field III: Insulation systems of electric power equipment and their life management

    1) Optimal design theory and technology for the insulation system in electric power equipment
    2) Degradation and failure in electric power equipment
    3) Performance evaluation and characterization of electric power equipment
    4) Insulation monitoring and diagnostic technology of large-capacity electric power equipment
    5) Life assessment and management of large-capacity electric power equipment

Field IV: Advanced technology of electrical engineering and their applications

    1) Pulse power and plasma technology
    2) Power systems with new energy sources and their intelligentization
    3) Power electronics and the control technology for electric power quality
    4) Applications of electrical engineering in the fields of biology, environmental protection and national defense industry

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