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Achievements and Awards

During the past five years, We are targeting a significant demand for electric energy construction and surrounding the key scientific and technical issues tightly of the electrical insulation and power equipment, We carried out a series of systematic and in-depth research works and took a series of characteristic and influential original innovation achievements. We have made a valuable contribution of scientific-technical progress in the field of electrical engineering.


"Research on multi-field coupled high capacity arc discharge basic theory its application"
1.The magnetic fluid dynamics model of the arc discharge is constructed, considering the interaction of the electric field, magnetic field, temperature field, flow field, kinematic characteristics factors, solves the mathematical description of the physical characteristics of the arc sheath; solves the arc root spots current density testing and mathematical inversion.
2.The formation reason of the vacuum arc agglomeration anode spot is proposed, and a new method for the control of arc agglomeration using longitudinal magnetic field of a saddle-type is proposed; the interaction mechanism of the long gap vacuum arc and longitudinal magnetic field is discovered; the relationship between molten pool rotation caused by the cathode jet tilt and the surface reflection of positive ions caused by magnetic field effect is discovered.
3.A method by using magnetic field and airflow field generated by arc is proposed to control the arc discharge. A contact system based on round shape flow field channel is invented, it can improve arc transfer performance and use arc energy to produce airflow field extinguish the arc; a 2/3 turns longitudinal magnetic structure is proposed, so that the electrode surface is eroded more evenly, to achieve the use of short-circuit current to generate a magnetic field to extinguish the arc.

"Polarization and charge transportation of solid dielectrics"
1.The systematic investigation of the correlation between spontaneous polarization rotation and free energy results in the fabrication of Pb-free piezoceramics (Ba(Zr,Ti)O3-(Ba,Ca)TiO3), which possesses two times higher piezoelectric efficient than best Pb-free piezoceramic reported on Nature.
2.The investigation of trapping-detrapping of electrons in the depletion layers of ZnO varistor ceramics results in the approach of characterizing point defects in varistor ceramics using dielectric spectroscopy.
3.Proposed a model which successfully explains the phenomena that the permittivity and conductivity of nanodielectrics decrease initially and increase afterwards when increasing the concentration of nano filers, and illustrates the phenomenon that the dielectric strength increases initially and decrease afterwards, which provides the theory for investigation of charge transport, degradation and ageing of nanodielectrics.

"Key Techniques Study of Lightning Current Test and its Application for Over-voltage Protection"
1.The mathematical model is established, and the influencing law between nonlinear tested objects and lightning current waveforms is summed up precisely. Based on it, the normalized design method is put forward. Therefore, the lightning current circuits are designed precisely for different tested objects and different lightning current waveforms.
2.The method is studied for measuring initial plasma of triggered vacuum switch(TVS), and the inherent law between the delay time of TVS and many influencing factors (including the initial plasma charge and its diffusion velocity etc.) is obtained. Based on it, the technical program is put forward for shorten the delay time of TVS and TVS with surface flashover trigger device is designed and fabricated. This is really, really important, not makes the problem of discharging switch with high controlling accuracy and wide operating scope solved, but makes the lightning current test apparatus run steadily and reliably.
3.The interference pathway and interference way of high impulse electromagnetic field are studied, then the controlling method which ensures the lightning current test system running steadily and reliably, is put forward. At the same time, many special integrated circuits are designed and the controlling device with light transmitting and light receiving function is developed. So, the controlling unit, measuring unit and computer processing unit are isolated form high pulse electromagnetic field.
4.The frequency spectrum and energy spectrum analysis are carried to different impulse current waveforms and the inherent influencing law between different materials, different structures of sensors and impulse signals with different peak and different waveform parameters are obtained, then a series of current sensors and voltage sensors are developed. At the same time, the differential input measuring method is put forward based on twin voltage sensors, which makes the problem of low measuring precision and poor operating safety solved simultaneously.
5.Base on the theoretical research and the key technologies, three series of lightning current test apparatus are developed, the laboratory achievements are transferred and manufactured successfully. These test apparatus content the demands of lightning protection of many circumstances, including electric power system, electron and communication system etc..

"Research on key technology of xx drivers"
1.Research on a series of gas switches applied in xxx drivers, a theory of gas discharge channel formation process has been constructed. Furthermore, the effective regulation and control have been achieved in both of the channel formation process and position, since multifactors, such as electrical field,free electron, gas medium, material, trigger method and trigger pulse have been considered. In addition, the material erosion of two-electrode large column gas switch as well as the triggered breakdown of trigatron gas switch in very low working ratio have been settled.
2.Research on z-pinch drivers pulse power transmission and confluence, raising characteristic parameters to represent the power transport efficiency of transmission line impedance transformer (ITL), and a circuit model which applies to ITL simulation in all types of impedance transformer have been set up based on dominant mode theory. Meanwhile, three typical structure models to calculate dynamic current loss and flowing impedance have been achieved depended on space charge limit current theory. Moreover, constructing circuit simulation models for vacuum magnetic insulation transmission and FLTD type z-pinch fusion drivers.
3.Research on pulsed power transmission and confluence, the phenomenon, mechanism and restrain technique of vacuum-solid compound insulation surface flashover have been developmentally conducted. And developing the model of surface flashover in voltage drive existing, also presenting the model of surface flashover double layer development process in vacuum. Moreover, confirming the effect of magnetic field to surface flashover process is significant in large gradient electrical field. In addition, photon multiplication process’s effect in surface flashover is also found, therefore, developing a way of increase flashover voltage through restraining photon’s effect.
4.Research on pulsed power source coupled with load and load radiation characteristic, knowing the pre-ionization/main pulse width and time intervals largely impact on plasma shape in xenon lamp. In order to increase radiation efficiency and xenon lamp lifetime, shape and fullness of the plasma channel have been improved.
5.Grasping a control way of circular-shape plasma diameter and thickness, and preparing to complete z-pinch of circular-shape plasma.

"Key technology research and application on UHV bushing in China"
1. Insulation structure optimization design  of  UHV bushing
2. Research on material properties and interfacial effect of UHV bushing
3. Building the world first-class HV bushing research and manufacturing base
4. Self-developed successfully UHV AC & DC bushing in China


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