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Academic Activities
International Cooperation and Exchanges
Domestic Cooperation and Exchanges
Domestic Cooperation and Exchanges

Domestic academic conferences were organized by our laboratory


The laboratory hosted a series of domestic academic conferences including 21 large national academic conferences, more than 20 symposiums.


On March 16th, 2008, a kick-off meeting of “2009 Development Strategy Seminar on Electrotechnics” was held in Xi'an Jiaotong University, hosted by Electrical Engineering and Materials Engineering disciplines of NSFC, and sponsored by the State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment and Department of Electrical Engineering.


On Nov 8th, 2007, the laboratory and XIHARI hosted “The First Conference of power equipments and their intelligentization”


On Sep, 2007, Novel Wind Energy Key Technology Seminar was hosted by our lab.


Besides, the laboratory has hosted many symposiums, such as “Electric Apparatus Intelligentization System and its Application Annual Conference”, “Low-voltage Electrical Apparatus Academic Annual Conference”,

“Engineering Dielectric Academic Conference”, “Dielectric Physics Academic Conference” and so on.


Cooperation With Domestic Scientific Research Institutions and Enterprises


1  Undertaken state key projects with domestic famous scientific research institutions


Cooperating with Northwest Nuclear Physics Institute, the laboratory conducts research on high power pulse technology and the improvement of dielectric substance flashover characteristic. We undertake the Key Projects of NSFC and National Defense related. Cooperating with Naval University of Engineering, we undertake the National Defense 973 project “short circuit current restrictions and interruption mechanism research”. Cooperating with Tsinghua University, we undertake the Key Project of NSFC “dielectric material damage mechanism and function improvement in the powerful electromagnetic pulse situation”. Moreover, the laboratory attained a lot of achievements cooperating with other important research institutions, such as space related institutions.



2 Undertaken state key projects with domestic famous enterprises


Cooperating with State Grid Corporation and China Southern Gird Corporation, we formulate some technical specifications on 1000Kv AC power transmission and transformation equipments and ± 800Kv DC power transmission and transformation equipments. Cooperating with Xi’an Electric Engineering Co., LTD, we undertake a series of national key projects and significant innovation projects of Shaanxi Province. 


3 The producing, teaching & research unions and industrialization of new techniques


We developed more than 40 high-new electric apparatus products cooperating with XIHARI, SEARI, Delixi Group and China People Electrical Appliance Group (Co., Ltd).

In addition, the laboratory combined to Shaanxi Dongtai Science and Technology Industrial Co., Ltd. on industrialization ZnO linear resistor, and developed 5 series of insulating powder envelopment equipments.


4  The cooperation with government research institutes in Technology Incubation


Thanks to the cooperation with Shaanxi Industrial Technology Research Institute, the incubation platform was set up which helped to convert achievements in scientific research from the laboratory to enterprises.

It’s an important achievement of the laboratory. The incubation before industrialization of some inventions is in progress .They included UHV DC bushing, 252kv vacuum circuit breaker, intelligent electric appliance chip. The laboratory set up Suzhou division, State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation and Power Equipment joint with Suzhou Industrial Zone.They put up a comprehensive platform in scientific research and personnel training, and also, attained a new realm in extensive cooperation and exchange with Yangtze River Delta in electric appliance intelligentization, novel power equipments and material key technology .


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