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A Guide to Application for 2015 Opening Project of SKLEIPE
Posted by: Administrator time :2014/12/3 14:30:44 Read: 1721 times

Opening Project of State Key Laboratory of Electric Insulation and Power Equipment was set up to develop high-level and substantial academic research work and exchange with researchers out of China in the field of electrical power equipment, which is also in accordance with China’s electrical engineering developing strategies. Opening Project provides opportunities to carry out pioneering, leading and high-level research work as well as academic exchange. Projects involving multiple disciplines will be highly preferred.

  A GUIDE TO THE 2015 OPENING PROJECT OF SKLEIPE: http://sklei.xjtu.edu.cn/admin/ewebeditor/UploadFile/2014123102620523.doc

 APPLICATION TABLES: http://sklei.xjtu.edu.cn/admin/ewebeditor/UploadFile/2014123102731391.rar

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